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Sierra Mat and Rubber provides expert experience in manufacturing and installation. Located in Modesto, CA, we produce high-quality recycled rubber products, including playground mulch, landscape mulch, door mats, sport flooring, rubber pavers, anti-fatigue mats, and traffic cone bases. Our designers and landscape installers artfully incorporate the rubber products into a master plan with great results. We shred recycled California tires to create all our playground mulches, and our work can be found along the entire West coast. At Sierra, we effectively introduce recycled materials into the market, and all our products are MADE IN CALIFORNIA USA! Proud supporter of CalRecycle Recycling programs. Over 1 million passenger tires diverted for California Landfills.
Funding provided from the CalRecycle Tire Incentive Program (TIP) grant enabled Jessop Holding Co. dba Sierra Mat & Rubber to divert 2,818 California Waste Tires from the waste stream.

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